Crossfont FAQ

What's the limitation in the trial version?

While you are using the free trial version, you can only export glyphs ranged from "a" to "z", and "A" to "Z". To fully export all glyphs in your font designs, you should purchase a license and register your license in Crossfont.

What payment methods do you support?

FastSpring is our online store provider, and FastSpring supports many payment methods including Credit Cards, Paypal, Checks, Pay with Aamazon, Alipay, and some other local payment methods.

Are the payment methods secure?

Yes, FastSpring is our online store provider, and it uses HTTPS/SSL encryption while processing your orders.

I need a feature which is not included in Crossfont, can I make a feature request?

Yes, Crossfont is designed to accept new features in its first release with flexible coding in mind. So feel free to submit your feature requests either by Email or by posting in the Discussion.